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Reasons to Keep Your Home Market Ready

by Thomas "Tom" Roberts 02/02/2020

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You're not thinking of selling -- so why keep your home in market-ready shape? There are some excellent reasons for upgrading your home while you live there; keeping your house in good repair and in "ready to sell" condition benefits you in a variety of ways: 

Your own comfort: It's just more comfortable to live in a home that is in great shape and that does not require a lot of extra work or repairs. When your HVAC system is in peak condition, you'll save money on heating and cooling your home -- and when you've already taken the time to unclutter and organize, home cleanup becomes a breeze. Get things ready for your own comfort and enjoyment and you'll also be ready to sell in a hurry if you have to. 

Your life circumstances change: Getting married, having a baby, combining households or even becoming an empty-nester can lead to big changes in the way you live. If you suddenly need more (or less) space, those changes will be easier to deal with if you are not also burdened with getting your home ready for sale, too. You'll be ready to go, and are sure to get a top offer, when your home is already in selling shape. 

The unexpected happens: A job loss or transfer could leave you stuck with a home you own but can no longer live in. If you are not prepared, you could end up becoming an unintentional landlord -- and you'll be responsible for a bundle of repairs and maintenance at once. Keep your home in market ready condition and you won't have to scramble to get ready. This is also likely to be an incredibly stressful time, so having your home ready to sell if you need to can take a big burden from your shoulders, too. 

Company's coming: It will be easier to host and entertain when you know your home is in show worthy shape. If chaos and clutter is keeping you from truly enjoying your space or delayed repairs and maintenance are preventing you from having company over, getting your home ready to show will remove this burden. In some cases, the changes you make will let you fall in love with your home all over again -- and be able to proudly share it with others, too. 

Whether an unexpected job transfer pops up, the in-laws are coming or you simply want to enjoy your home in comfort, committing to keeping it in "show-ready" condition will give you peace of mind and ensure you are not inconvenienced by life's little (or big) surprises. 

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